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Why buying a property in Les 2 Alpes makes sense

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on July 14, 2021

Les 2 Alpes ski resort is certainly one of the eldest ski resorts in France and it has welcomed many of the younger crowds for decades (plenty of British skiers started their ski journey there as a “saisonier”) and its super long winter season is certainly one of the main factors.

At Findhomeabroad we have been selling apartments in Les 2 Alpes with two of the most popular real estate projects of the last few years, Le Hameau and La Restanque. Sold with one year apart delivery but they really are the same project with Le Hameau right on Avenue de la Muzelle (Les 2 Alpes main street where many of the shops/restaurants are) and La Restanque against the mountain, right by the Vallee Blanche lifts (also the Raquette meeting point is right next to La Restanque building).

Now let’s start with a bit more info on Les 2 Alpes. With Tignes/Val d’Isere Les 2 Alpes is the only ski resort in France to offer summer skiing on its glacier combining a summer atmosphere with winter sports! Right from the get-go in the morning, a quick breakfast and you can enjoy the lifts and the pistes until early afternoon. One of our new developments Les Loges Blanches is right in front of the Jandri express, the main lift that takes you onto the glacier area for summer skiing. The snow is perfect in the morning so obviously, the skiing is much better if you start early. Glacier skiing in the summer in a French resort is so special as you can now enjoy your sunny terrace as well as a really festive mood with many activities like al-fresco concerts or DJ gatherings.

Glacier skiing:

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