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When can I let my co-owned home?

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on August 27, 2022

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that your quota of nights (44 nights per share) is divided between three seasons (high, mid and low), and the rental rules are different based on that particular season.

The High Season has 56 nights in total over a year, i.e. 7 nights per share to be taken as a week (for example in summer, July and August, for a seaside or south-of-France property).
The Low Season has 232 nights in total over a year or 29 per share.

Holiday-let in High and Mid Season

It is always the co-owners who have priority for booking stays during the High and Mid Season (7 nights high season and 8 nights mid-season per 1/8th share).

No stay is put up for letting before having been previously offered to the co-owners of the property.
The co-owners can reserve their personal use stays by placing options between 2 years and 120 days before the start date of the stay.
The property rental manager has a maximum of 30 days from these requests to arbitrate and validate the stays.
If a stay is not reserved by any co-owner 120 days before its start date or if it is free following the arbitration period (or a cancellation), then it is offered for rental by the house manager, that is to say between 120 days and 90 days before the date of the beginning of the stay, and this until it is confirmed as rented.

For example: on Friday March 4, 2022 (therefore 120 days in advance), no co-owner has reserved the week from Saturday July 10 to Saturday July 17, 2022. This week will therefore be offered for rent starting from March 5, 2022

To learn more about how the rental income is shared, here.

Holiday-let in Low Season (29 nights per 1/8th share)

Personal use stays in Low Season are open to rental 365 days before their start date. In order to maximize the occupancy rate in the Low Season, the price is adapted according to the time between the date of reservation and the date of the beginning of the stay: the more the stays are reserved in advance, the higher their price, the more we closer to the start date, the lower the price.

Obviously, if a period is marked as available in low season (not let), the owners will be able to take it as part of their personal stay allowance (29 nights per share in low season).

Good to know: if you want to lend your second home to friends, these nights will be deducted from your quota of personal use stays.

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