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The Stage Payments When Buying Off-Plan In France

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on June 22, 2019

You need to pay the price of the property in stages, based on the construction progress. The different stages are clearly stated in the reservation contract that you sign when you reserve the property (happy to explain it to you when you contact us). Sometimes the different stages are approximate dates and stated in quarters not month. With ski properties, most of the construction starts in March/April when the winter season eases and continues at full swing until October/November before the first heavy snows of the winter. Feel free to go on-site to check on the construction progress.



The signature of the deed (final contract) at the French notary will, therefore, transfer to the buyer, the ownership of the property, and this transfer of ownership will lead to the partial payment of the ski property.

Indeed, the payment of the property will be made in different stage payments based on construction advancement.

In a practical way, the different stages of construction – which will generate the triggering of the calls for payment – are regulated by law. Thus, the developer cannot freely set how and when the stage payments are to be paid.

Similarly, the amounts that will be called during these various stages are also regulated and clearly stated in the reservation contract.

  • This is an example of main stage payments when buying off-plan in France:
    35% of the price of the property upon completion of foundations,
    70% of the price of the property upon completion of the roof,
    95% of the price of the property upon completion of the work,
    The balance, 5%, upon delivery of the property to the buyer (in case of dispute by the buyer, these funds can be consigned onto an escrow account).

The completion warranty does exactly that, it guarantees that the property will be completed (usually, this is insurance with a major bank or insurance group that the developer needs to pay and contract). French developers usually require 50-60% of all the units reserved before they can call for future owners to exchange contracts. The clients, then, start making payments other than the previously paid deposit.

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