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The great love affair between the French and the mountain

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on May 15, 2019

Discover what the French really love about going to the Alpine locations, their budget, what they love doing as well as where they like to stay. Who are these French and what do they look for?

Very different profiles
This new Ipsos survey brings us its lot of surprises but also what we already thought we knew. First of all the under 35 are the biggest fans as 1 out of 3 taking holiday will go to the mountain. 66% of the mountain tourists are couples and the average stay in winter is 9 days.
When it comes to the activities, especially the under 35s, they enjoy the new sports, their well-being and also cultural activities. Over-60s privilege discovering new areas and the families, activities for their children or teenagers is an important part of their choice when choosing a ski resort (Les 2 Alpes is famous for example for its lively apres-ski which attract a lot of the younger crowd, see our developments there).

When you are choosing a ski resort, it is not just because you like the ski area but also because you are looking for better value accommodation for example. By the way, the favourite type of accommodation for people that go to the mountain are the residences with facilities like a reception, swimming pool etc. Feel free to check some examples on our site as residences with swimming pool, for example, tend to provide higher rental potential by at least 20%. Younger people under 35, also prefer this type of accommodation.

The conclusion, with 23% of French nationals planning to go to the mountain this winter, there certainly won’t be a lack of demand for rental.

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