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FAQs Buying Fractional property

What are co-ownership properties?

Co-ownership, also known as fractional ownership, is a popular option for those looking to purchase a second home without bearing the full cost and responsibility on their own. It allows individuals to buy a share of a second home with other co-owners, through a company (usually an SCI in France/ an SL in Spain) that holds 100% of the property deed. This can also be an excellent solution for friends or relatives looking to purchase a second home together (this system has been used for decades in France so it is nothing new under the sun), as well as for those who want to invest in a holiday property but don’t have the means to do so on their own.

Here are the key points to consider when looking into co-ownership for your second home:

  • You can buy between one and four parts of a property through a company that holds the property deed.
  • Each part typically allows you to stay in your second home for a certain number of days per year, such as 44 days (or 1.5 months) for a 1/8th share. You can buy additional shares to increase your stay time.
  • A professional management company is responsible for looking after the property on behalf of the co-owners, including maintenance, cleaning, and rentals when the property is not in use.
  • Co-ownership allows you to purchase a premium property at a fraction of the cost, as the price of the share includes the cost of renovation and furniture upgrades.
  • You will split the maintenance, running costs, and taxes equally among the co-owners and pay only your share.
  • Overall, co-ownership can be a cost-effective and convenient option for those looking to purchase a second home without the full financial burden. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a holiday property without having to worry about day-to-day management and maintenance.

Can You Visit The Property That You Like In Person Or Remotely?

A virtual or/and physical visit to each of the properties on sale can be organised of course.

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