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Seniors thinking of going back to skiing?

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on February 10, 2022

More and more seniors are interested in going back to skiing. But after several years of interruption, a number of questions run through the minds of most candidates for a return to the slopes. We have drawn up a short summary of the attitudes and precautions to be observed in order to put your skis back on with confidence and have fun just like before. See below.

Renewed interest of seniors in skiing

In 2017, a study of ski resort attendance, by age group, reported a significant increase in the presence of people aged 50 to 59 and over 60 in ski areas (Atout France study). For ten years now, seniors have been returning more willingly to the ski slopes. It is enough to observe for a few moments the queues at the foot of the ski lifts to observe it: the pensioner are indeed hitting the slopes again. However, it is not always easy to go back to skiing when you are a senior, some reluctance is felt and can slow down the desire to put your ski boots back on. Let’s take a closer look.

What is the main reluctance of seniors to put their skis back on? Analysis and advice
The storyline is classic. The snow is there, the children and grandchildren are getting ready and leaving for the mountains and you are thinking of doing the same. Once, you were a good skier and then little by little for lack of time (or sometimes money), or for health reasons, you gave up skiing. Since then, ten, fifteen or twenty years have passed and you now have the time, less financial burden and therefore more time to spend on skiing and you dream of putting your ski boots back on. But you are having doubts.

First, when you go rummaging in the garage you dust off some seriously outdated equipment: the skis and boots are old, totally obsolete if not unusable. It is also more than likely that your ski clothes are not only “out of fashion” but also victims of the years and therefore cannot be worn.

It is then essential to start everything from scratch or almost, at least for the clothes. A tip for buying in a smart way: go and visit the big ski resorts at the end of the season, you will find the best deals there! The most high-end ski resorts are full of sports stores that are liquidating their stocks with significant markdowns in order to stock up on new models for the next ski season. Regarding skis and boots, it is better to rent first to rediscover the sensations of skiing and find the models that suit you perfectly thereafter.

In addition, many seniors are reluctant to put on their ski boots for fear of falling and breaking something. It is commonly acknowledged that cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are gentler activities than downhill skiing, which are often recommended for seniors. These endurance sports are also excellent for cardio in general. We interviewed Guy Bellier, an orthopaedic surgeon in Paris. He specifies: “Alpine skiing is not prohibited for seniors, but it is preferable to have some prior experience of this sporting activity. Starting alpine skiing from the age of 60-65 is not recommended, but getting back into it after a few years of break does not present any major risk if you follow a few basic instructions. People suffering from osteoarthritis, for example, can benefit from a support knee brace (Ski-Mojo, etc.). Those who are afraid of waking up their rheumatism can take painkillers or anti-inflammatories during the stay“, further indicates the surgeon.

In addition, it is recommended that seniors wishing to indulge in the pleasures of downhill skiing practice regular physical activity throughout the year such as walking, hiking or cycling, swimming or golf.

The choice of the period for staying is essential for a return to skiing in peace

Once the decision is made, you have to choose your ski period. You generally have two choices. Skiing during the school holidays: the opportunity to accompany the members of your family and get back on the slopes alongside the grandchildren making their first steps… A good family moment which tends to increase in the ski resort. According to the Avoriaz ski resort. “We have indeed seen an increase in senior attendance in recent years. More and more families made up of several generations are going to winter sports: children, parents, grandparents. It is also within the framework of this development that Pierre et Vacances has built a series of “tribal” apartments: adjoining accommodation that allows families of several generations to share friendly moments while maintaining their privacy. »

Another choice if you are not planning to ski as a family: leave outside the school holiday period. So plenty of peace of mind on the slopes, reduced prices, the full availability of ski instructors and moments of relaxation on the terrace of an altitude restaurant, without the crowds.

Ready for a return to the ski slopes? It’s your turn!

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