Selling Your Part In Your Co-Ownership Property FAQs

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We appreciate that real estate is not just about owning a property but also how easy is the exit strategy should you decide to sell your co-ownership share. Hopefully you will find many of your answers here. You can take our questionaire here. Contact us if you have any more questions as we are here to help.

Selling Your Part In Your Co-Ownership Property FAQs

Yes, the price of your share of the property is calculated on your property’s market value at the time of selling. Suppose the property increases in value, then the price of the shares increases. You will then make a capital gain on your share of the property as would with any regular property. An important point is that premium properties tend to appreciate better in value over time.

Of course. You can transfer your share of the co-ownership home to anyone you like. Actually, this type of company set up was created originally to facilitate ownership transfers. 

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