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Price increase in the French Alps for ski properties

The 2021 UBS Alpine Property Focus report is out and once again this year’s results are heartening. Despite the global crisis, Alpine ski resorts continue to show stability and resilience during difficult circumstances. All countries included, property prices rose by

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Ski Resort Prices Report

Using extensive resort data and insight, our outlook compares 10 resorts in the Alps using factors that are most likely to influence prime property prices in the future Many factors can influence the price growth. The main sources considered are

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Major new trends for the ski property market

The ski real estate market has been affected by Covid-19, but the forecast is confident with skier numbers on the rise and resorts investing in infrastructure…   Just enjoy the mountain lifestyle! Although Covid is restraining travel (the major hurdle

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Top French Ski Resorts in 2020

The French boast that they have the best cuisine, the best wines, and the best variety of ski resorts of any country in the world. While the first two are open to question these days, the third is undoubtedly true.

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Co-working the new future for professionals?

The global working landscape has changed dramatically since Covid-19 triggered the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. The short-term impact on the way people work has been huge, but the ripple effects will be evident for years, if not decades, to come.

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