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Invest in La Plagne: A Family-Friendly Ski Resort with Affordable Properties

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on March 8, 2023

La Plagne is an excellent destination for families looking for a memorable ski resort experience. Investing in a property in La Plagne offers numerous benefits, such as potential rental income, increasing property values, tax benefits, and more. However, before investing, investors must consider several factors such as market conditions, property location, property management, financing options, and taxes and fees. With careful consideration, investing in La Plagne can be a profitable and worthwhile decision.

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Diverse Real Estate Offerings

Spread over 11 villages, La Plagne has a diverse real estate offering due to its development in several phases. Originally, it consisted of small apartments in residences from the ‘plan Neige’ era of the 1960s and 1970s but now you can find more spacious apartments, authentic chalets, as well as new or rehabilitated properties.

In terms of pricing, the average cost per square meter for all types of properties is around 4,500 euros for resale properties and around 7,000-8000€/sqm for new-build properties, according to FindHomeAbroad. La Plagne is much more affordable than its neighbouring resorts, such as Courchevel or Val d’Isère.

Popular Areas in La Plagne

Among the most sought-after areas, Belle-Plagne allows for ski-in/ski-out access in a privileged environment. Plagne Centre is the main neighborhood of the resort, with the most activities and amenities. Plagne Aime 2000 and its “Paquebot des neiges” (snow transatlantic) a residence with 2,500 tourist beds, is appreciated for its convenience. Plagne Village and Plagne Soleil are highly sought after by families. And let’s not forget Plagne 1800, popular for its proportion of chalets. Plagne Bellecôte, a neighbourhood worth investing in. Also nice is La Plagne Montalbert and its village feel, which is very different from most of the other La Plagne resorts.

Plagne Bellecôte is undergoing a significant transformation. This neighborhood includes a residential complex from the 1970s that will be entirely rehabilitated starting in May 2023. The 406 small apartments in this residence will be replaced by around a hundred high-end apartments in a residence offering luxurious amenities, including a wellness area and a fitness room. Check our properties in La Plagne here.  Below some visuals from that new project in la Plagne Bellecote.

la plagne bellecote residence

This eco-responsible rehabilitation, carried out by a famous developer, is marketed by Findhomeabroad to the international audience. The properties, ranging from one to four-bedroomed units, will sell for between 399,000 euros and 1.75 million euros. This is the largest rehabilitation ever carried out in France on a residential complex of this size, by buying here, there are many advantages: you can recover VAT and benefit from reduced notary fees/stamp duty (down from 7% to 2% average).

Future owners can occupy the property for up to seven weeks per year during the tourist season and whenever they wish outside of the season (spring and fall). The rest of the time, the property will be rented out via a management mandate, which is much more flexible for owners than a commercial lease.


  1. Can non-French citizens invest in property in La Plagne? Yes, non-French citizens can invest in property in La Plagne. However, they must follow the same regulations and procedures as French citizens.
  2. Is La Plagne only a winter destination? No, La Plagne is also a popular summer destination, thanks to its hiking trails, paragliding potential, and dedicated cycling and mountain biking options. You can also go water rafting in nearby Moutiers.
  3. Can I rent out my La Plagne property when I’m not using it? Yes, you can rent out your La Plagne property to tourists when you’re not using it and there are no rental restrictions in place. However, it’s essential to hire a reliable property management company to take care of the property and handle rentals.
  4. What are the taxes and fees associated with owning a property in La Plagne? The taxes and fees associated with owning a property in La Plagne include property taxes and annual maintenance costs. Expect 30€ per sqm/year in taxes and around 40-50€/sqm/year in service charges.
  5. What are some tips for investing in La Plagne? Some tips for investing in La Plagne include researching the market conditions, choosing a property that is close to the slopes and amenities, hiring a reliable property management company, and comparing French mortgage options to find the best rates and terms. On new builds, FindHomeAbroad can also help you claim the VAT back on price. That is a 20% saving!

la plagne aerial

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