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Inspection visit and delivery of your French new-build property

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on June 28, 2019

Just a bit of advice from our admin team at Findhomeabroad regarding taking delivery of your new ski apartment. Logically this can be a tense moment when the owner worries about not being able to spot the faults and then be stuck with a faulty apartment for the rest of his/her life. Rest assured the buyer is very well protected in France when it comes to taking possession of a new-build property and necessarily so.

taking delivery new french property and handing of keys

Sending the last funds before taking delivery of your French property

First, of course, is the money and when you have to release the funds (also when the last 5% will be released).
You need to make payment transfer so that it is in place the day before delivery takes place. No money in place, there cannot be any delivery and therefore no handing of the keys (it is stated in the documents that you will have previously received from the constructor).

So you should inform your bank quickly if you are financing your new ski apartment with a French mortgage to make sure you sent the funds (and that developer has received these funds) before inspection visit takes place.

Snag report, faults and the different guarantees when taking delivery of your new-build French property

The delivery is when the new-build guarantees kick in and you need to list any snagging issue that you find and then sign with the developer the reception order (proces verbal) to confirm that you are taking possession of the property. The last 5% will then be released from the funds sent.
If you find no snagging issue or fault, you still have 8 days to declare any other nagging issues that you could have missed during a delivery visit. When you do find faults, you have to list them on snag report on the reception order “proces verbal”. if these faults are visible, try to be very precise when listing them with room and exact location in the room (take photos too). if the faults can be sorted out (99% of the faults spotted during the visit), the handing of the keys can then take place. In case of major faults, you can cancel the handing of the keys. The repair by developer needs to be swift and it is a legal obligation.
If faults appear after the 8 days or for any hidden fault, you are still protected.  You have the different guarantees linked to new-build like “guarantee of perfect completion”, “guarantee of proper functioning” or the “10-year new-build guarantee” for structures.

An example of check-list when taking possession of your French property:

Common areas before you enter your property
Front door
State of the balcony, terrace or private garden

State of the floor and wall coverings (parquet, tiling, painting)
Quality of fittings and joints
Door opening directions
Condition of sinks, tub or shower trays
Condition of worktops and mirrors
Presence and condition of planned interior fittings: closet, storage, mirror …

Installations to be tested
Electrical outlets (ask for manuals)

You can bring an electrical appliance to test the electrical outlets, a metre if you need to measure anything. Don’t forget to check the parking, cave, ski locker, etc

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