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How to choose the best ski resort to buy a ski property

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on March 8, 2019

Since the early 2000s, at FindHomeAbroad,  we have specialised in French ski apartments for sale (and chalets), and because of our extensive knowledge of the French Alp real estate market, we can recommend the best spots for you to obtain the best return on investment.

the best ski resort to buy a ski property

Buying a property in a French ski resort is making sure it is forward-looking and attractive to the visitors.

In the mountain, the snow guarantee is a must but also the scenery and surroundings (like the famous peaks as well as the beauty of that scenery) as well as its conservation. This last point is crucial nowadays as tourists look for “pretty” ski resorts which are well adapted to their surroundings and run away from this idea of mass tourism on the slopes with ugly tower blocks. Other criteria that are essential to qualify for an attractive ski resort are the reputation of the ski resort, the attractiveness of the ski area. Other criteria include facing south, quality of the amenities (shops, restaurants, bars) in the resort and also if they organise activities (festivals, sports tournaments and more).

Choose the ski resort for its ease of access.

A top French ski resort should offer good access and connections. By road or motorway and by air with possibly a choice of airports, Geneva being the central hub for the French Alps. Access by air is the favoured mean of transport as you can then let your ski property to an international clientele and guarantee a better return on investment. The main nationalities of skiers nowadays are the British, Dutch, Belgians, Swiss, Americans, Russians and Scandinavians. It also helps if you need to be mobile or if you live outside France. To recap ease of access is a primary criterion when looking to buy a ski property not to mention the added bonus of a ski-in-ski-out property, see examples here. Check our ski properties close to Geneva airport for example.

Choose a family-friendly ski resort

Out we go with the image of the crazy hardcore skier going wild on the slopes. This might be fine for teenage snowboarders but very far away from the wishes of the families and seniors. The positioning of ski resorts has nowadays totally changed (needed to) and it is now the playground for numerous family-friendly activities like walking along footpaths, white water sports, cycling (the latest trend is the use of electric mountain bikes with fat tyres). Also spas (famous spa in Saint-Gervais an example) or lakes (an example is the eco-friendly Biotope Lake in Combloux). So now, French ski resorts cater not only to the youngest but also to the parents and grandparents looking as much for physical activities as well as cocooning. Check here our most family-friendly ski properties.

Choose an all-year-round ski resort

At FindHomeAbroad we recommend that you look for that French ski resort which offers activities all year, in winter and summer. When you invest in a ski property, being able to let your apartment or chalet not just in winter but also in summer will increase your return on investment. Feel free to consult us or check our dual season ski properties here.

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