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Posted by FindHomeAbroad on March 15, 2023

How to access French Revenue to make a tax payment online?

Pay French tax

How to use the French revenue website Impots.gouv to pay your French taxes

The “télédéclarant” or online access number is used to log in to the “impot.gouv” website to file, view, or pay your French taxes (all French property owners do). Let’s take a closer look at how to find it, what to do if you’ve lost it, and how it evolves each year.

Find your teledeclarant (online client) number

The 7-digit télédéclarant number, renamed the online access number in 2023, is solely used to log in to your “impôt.gouv” account. It should not be confused with the fiscal number (13 digits) or the fiscal reference income. To be clear, these three numbers will be required for your first online login.

The télédéclarant number is often the most difficult to find since it is only listed on three documents:

The paper income tax return that you receive in April-May.

If you have opted out of paper filing, you should receive your online access number by mail in the first year (most common with non-residents living abroad).

If you are filing your income tax return for the first time (on paper), you will receive your online access number by mail.

In short, the télédéclarant number, or online access number, is a vital piece of information required for accessing your “impôt.gouv” account. While it may be challenging to locate, it is essential to keep it safe and secure to ensure seamless access to your tax information and obligations.

Note that the télédéclarant number, or online access number, cannot be found anywhere else and is not listed on the tax assessment notice. This can be problematic for many taxpayers, as sending the paper tax return without keeping a copy often results in the loss of the online access number, making it impossible to log in to the tax authority’s website.

Does the online client number change each year?

Yes, the online access/télédéclarant number changes every year. Therefore, there’s no need to search for your old paper tax returns of the past years; you will need the most recent tax return. Don’t worry though, once you have created your account online, you can easily recover access to the “impôt.gouv” website at any time via email.

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