Grocery delivery to your chalet door

Tired of arriving to your ski apartment with an empty fridge? Now with Sherpa supermarkets (112 supermarkets across the French Alps), you can order your grocery online before leaving on your ski trip and either pick it up swiftly from the supermarket or have it delivered to your door. Click:

Many of the Sherpa supermarkets offer delivery (check your supermarket location online first) so no more need for dragging heavy bags while trying not to fall over in the snow, Sherpa will deliver it to your door, at the set time.

Your local supermarket can also lend you fondue or raclette sets, free of charge. Same for a snow shovel, imagine your car is snowed in after a heavy snowfall, Sherpa will lend you a shovel… And the best is for the end, if you do not use some of the food that you have purchased during your stay bring it back to the supermarket and they will refund you (except fresh and frozen food of course). See conditions online.

You can click here then enter your destination and click “FIND”. When the supermarket appears, click on “ONLINE SHOPPING” (It tells you also from when delivery can take place). Often the options are “Epicerie salée”, “Epicerie sucrée”, Boissons”, “Hygiene Beauté” or “Entretien”. It is very easy to order as you have photos of the products even though product name is in French.

When done click on products top right, click pay (Payer) and you will see a recap of your products, delivery date and you can then click on “Proceed to checkout”. Create an account with your email, then enter your details (for phone for example enter 0044 70000000 for example UK) and then your address in ski resort. In the invoice address you can add a comment regarding your order. You will then have the option before you pay to pick from nearest Sherpa (you will see the opening times, often 7 days a week) or have it delivered. You can even receive an sms one day before your delivery is planned if you choose. You can pay by credit card of course but also with Paypal.

Now enjoy your stay and good French products! They have promotions at the moment like a free bottle of champagne when you spend over 180€!