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fractional ownership for properties

Fractional ownership for real estate, also called co-ownership purchase, is the new way to purchase premium properties.

why pay the full purchase price and running costs when you use a second home part-time? *

*on average, in Europe, owners use their second home only 40 days a year… Owning only one part in fractional ownership gives you 44 days a year.

fractional ownership quick overview

It all started with yachts and private jets...

fractional ownership quick overview

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Fractional ownership overview

Today instead of paying 100% of the property price, you can purchase a fraction of a premium property. Usually sold in eight parts, each part gives you 44 days each year to enjoy your property (the average use for second homes by owners in Europe is 40 days). You can obviously buy more parts, up to half of the available parts (usually eight parts in total).

Buying through fractional ownership compared to the other options today. Obviously, you can buy a property paying the full price, as most people have done for decades. The other option is buying time (not a piece for the property) through what we call a timeshare. And the other option, of course, is just to rent a holiday home when you wish to go away. 

Buying A Fractional Property Compared To The Other ways

Nowadays you have three options when it comes to purchasing a property or the fourth option, which is just renting...

Fractional Property Comparison

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Co-Ownership Balearics
Co-Ownership Ski Properties
Co-Ownership Provence/French Riviera
Normandy Co ownership
Co-Ownership Normandy

fractional ownership FAQs section

buying fractional properties FAQs

Buying co-ownership properties FAQs

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What are the recurring questions regarding buying fractional ownership properties for sale? The buying process for co-ownership properties is actually faster than with traditional properties as the company holding the property is already created. The purchase of the part can take between 1-2 weeks on average.

Using Your Co-Ownership Property FAQs

Using your fractional property FAQs

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We appreciate you will have plenty of questions regarding how to use your fractional ownership property. Check our frequently asked questions and contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

Selling Your Co-Ownership Property FAQs

Selling your fractional property FAQs

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In real estate the exit strategy is of utmost importance. The turnaround for selling a fractional property share is swift and can be sold on the market like any other property. You can also sell it through us for a minimal agent fee.  Check our frequently asked questions and contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

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