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Five French ski resorts that make a good investment

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on September 1, 2019

From Val d’Isère to Alpe d’Huez, here are the best locations in the French Alps to buy a winter property. France welcomes more skiers now than the USA with 55 million visits/year.

400m people in the world visit the ski resorts each year to make it one of the most desirable real estate you can invest in. Almost half of the skiers in the world go to the Alps. A good reason is also the limited available land for building new properties that almost guarantee a strong capital growth.
However, with climate change fears, many French ski resorts have and are investing millions in new snowmaking technologies and also in new all-year-round leisure activities like the Aquamotion in Courchevel 1650 which will link with the new luxury apartment at l’Ecrin Blanc new residence.

This is according to recent research by Savills, revealing which global ski resorts best counter the emerging difficulties and thus provide solid property investment opportunities to overseas buyers.

Where to buy?
High-altitude, low-temperature resorts are best placed to meet the rising challenges of climate change. The resorts featured here are established and well known in the French Alps and have been picked for comparison.

Why Val d’Isère is the number one property investment in the French Alps currently?

The new 200M€ redevelopment project in downtown Val d’Isère is certainly a serious addition for the investment-appeal of the resort. There will be more accommodation created for up to 1,000 owners and guests (a 50-room hotel and new chalet apartments, contact us). The project is called, Le Coin De Val (*translation– “Val d’Isère’s new area”) and it will redevelop a brand new area with commercial areas, nursery, reception for guests as well as all the rental management infrastructure for high-end guests and owners alike (over 80 % of owners want to let their asset when it was only 15% 15 years ago). A mechanical walkway to the snow front will be created also and a new piste (replacing a current road) to provide ski-in-ski-out facilities to Val d’Isère property owners and skiers. From a ski property investment point of you this will create additional bonus creating a “community” which, according to Savills, is one of the main features requested by the luxury market currently.

The community feel + a top high altitude ski domain (Espace Killy with Tignes) + a cosmopolitan clientele for decades make Val d’Isère the number one property investment in the French Alps this year.

Why Megève is the answer to Courchevel for chic French families?

Another noteworthy resort in France and the second in our top five list is Megève, which is actively promoting itself as a ski resort with history looking to the future”. Megeve was created a long time ago by the Rothschild family and it embodies the French art de vivre and oozes plenty of the chic à la française.
Alongside established dual-season activities, the resort is investing heavily in new ski infrastructure and activities to consolidate its appeal as a high-end destination for families. There have been several luxury real estate projects taking shape last few years and quite a few are being launched as we speak.

megeve at night under the snow

Megève and its timeless charm has maintained its long-term investment appeal despite the last 10 years which saw a lack of investment. This is now all changing and with the recent addition of the prestigious Four Seasons hotel (a growing trend in top ski resorts) and potential plans for further world-class hotels, the chic family-friendly resort will maintain its premium prices and attract younger families no doubt.
A good example is the redevelopment of the Rochebrune area by investing more than 21 million euros. It will improve the Alpine scenery (removing pylons) as well as the connections between Côte 2000 and Rochebrune.
Another important point is the community feel and access to luxury shopping provided by the many boutiques in Megeve centre. Access to exclusive shopping is seen as one of the five features required for a top ski property investment. Another plus is, of course, the offer of fine dining (Michelin-starred), some of the best in the Alps with Flocons de Sel***, Le 1920**, La Table de l’Alpaga*.

Why Courchevel Village is the new family-friendly ski community?

In several years, Courchevel wants to make the connections between its four levels as easy as possible. For the winter season 2019, a new chairlift will be born at the foot of the Aquamotion Courchevel Village. The townhall is investing heavily in mainly all-year-round activities as their main goal is to develop Courchevel as a new high-end family-friendly community. 1850 for uber chic + partying and Courchevel Village for the ones that used to party but now have families!

This ski lift will leave from Courchevel Village to reach the heart of Courchevel 1850, at the same level as the new gondola Praz. An investment that should facilitate the ski days of holidaymakers staying in Courchevel Village.

La Plagne is one of the more affordable global ski resorts with investors looking at around €300,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. 2 years ago it was voted ski resort with the highest rental occupation so this is a plus on the investment scale with over 80% of new owners looking to let their property.

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