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Energy-Friendly Regulations For New-Build French Properties

Posted by FindHomeAbroad on June 22, 2019

Details of energy standards and regulations when buying new-build properties in France

Energy standards

These standards make it possible to homogenise the construction of new-build properties in order to reduce their primary energy consumption (thermal and sound insulation heating, lighting, ventilation and cooling) and at the same time offer maximum living comfort while respecting the ‘environment.

RT 2005
Thermal Regulation 2005 applies to all new constructions whose building permit was filed after 31/08/2006. Thanks to RT 2005, a new building consumes on average between 120 and 220 KWh / m2 per year.

RT 2012
Thermal Regulation 2012 applies to all new constructions registered since 1 January 2013. The equipment and insulation related to this standard will allow an annual energy consumption of less than 50 KWh / m2.

Low Consumption Building: The BBC standard is obtained when the new construction is classified in level A in its annual energy consumption, ie it is lower than 50 KWh / m2.

HQE certification
High Environmental Quality is an approach that aims to limit in the short and long term the environmental impacts of a construction or rehabilitation operation, while ensuring occupants healthy and comfortable living conditions.

The THPE Label
Very High Energy Performance is obtained when the energy consumption of new housing is 20% lower than that governed by the RT 2005.

The HPE Label
High Energy Performance is obtained when the conventional energy consumption is reduced by at least 10% based on that regulated by the RT 2005 (geographical location of the property equal).

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