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co-ownership the new way to own luxury real estate without the guilt...

Find your luxury holiday home

Browse our premium co ownership properties for sale and select a home that you like. From there, our team will explain in detail and help you make the right decision.We list co-ownership property in the best areas and can also source one if you have a particular wish.

purchase one or several parts

Each part is 1/8th of the co ownership property so there are a total of 8 parts making 100% of the property. Each owner can buy 1-4 part(s). The co-owners own 100% of the property through this fractional system and no one else in inside the company holding the deeds. Popular also is to buy with family or friends.

one part = 1.5 month/year

For each part that you purchase (1/8th of the property full price), you can stay 1.5 month a year in your luxury property. You purchase 2 parts and you can spend 3 months a year (88 days). On average in Europe, second-home owners spend 35 days/year in their property. Owning a co ownership property is the new way to acquire real estate.

enjoy your own luxury home

Just book when you want to go, it is a minimum of 2 days' stays so you can really spread these all year round. Your house manager will have everything ready for when you arrive. All is taken care of including the full management of the property and that includes bills and tax.

build a luxury collection

You already own a part in a Provencal villa and you enjoy staying there. Why not purchase another part in a luxury chalet in Courchevel to spend Christmas with your loved one and combine the south of France with the French Alps?

Easy exit strategy

You can sell whenever you decide. You can just sell it at market value or another of the co-owners might be interested. The demand for premium real estate is always very high.nnIt is also super easy to transfer to your children or whoever you wish to.

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