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About findhomeabroad

We understand that investing in property can be a daunting experience, which is why we carefully consider all factors before recommending a new development. Our due diligence process includes assessing the location, market demand, developer’s reputation and track record, financing and building permit status, potential rental return, passive income potential, long-term resale value potential, and any associated risks.

While stocks, bonds, and cryptos may have their place in the investment world, there’s nothing quite like the tangible value of real estate. Brick and mortar have played a significant role in the wealth of millions of successful individuals worldwide, and we believe that ski properties in the French Alps offer an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio.


Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about property and have extensive knowledge of the French Alps ski property market. We work closely with developers, builders, and other industry professionals to ensure that we’re always up to date on the latest market trends and opportunities.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, we are here to guide you every step of the way.



Since 1998, Findhomeabroad has been the go-to new-build agent for ski properties in the French Alps. With a dedication to selecting only the best new-build projects, our portfolio ranges from cosy studio apartments to high-end detached chalets in the most desirable French ski resorts.

We also have great ski property partners on-site for everything resale.

In addition to our core offering in the French Alps, we also have a selection of prime properties in other popular French regions and in selected areas of Spain, such as Marbella.

With our expertise and extensive knowledge of the market, we are well-equipped to help you find the perfect property to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why we are…

passionate About property

With each new development coming on the market, we are like children, eager to discover how it can work for our clients. 

  • Is it a good location?
  • What is the market demand?
  • What is the developer’s reputation and track record?
  • Financing & building permit status?
  • What is the potential rental return?
  • High passive income potential or long-term resale value potential?
  • What are the risks?

By considering these factors and conducting thorough due diligence, we can make an informed decision about whether a new development is a good investment opportunity. 

We can talk all we want about stocks, bonds, cryptos but at the end of the day there is nothing like real estate. it is clear that brick and mortar has played a significant role in the wealth of millions of successful individuals all around the world.

Our Main Real Estate propositions today

Currently we work around three main axis


What we have always done, mainly for new-builds since 1998. Traditional purchase for properties mainly located in the French Alps and occasionally a few other selected areas.


Co-Ownership Property | Pay A Fraction Of The Price | Pay A Fraction Of The Running Costs And Taxes | The New Way To Own A Second Home Most Tourist areas in France and Spain mostly. See some of our selected properties click.

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